Everything You Need to Know About Mass Backing

One of the more popular questions we get from customers about our products is, “What is Mass Backing?”

Automotive Flooring Mass BackingMass Backing is a special upgrade backing that’s bonded to the back of your vehicle’s molded carpet. The material is a 45mil thick Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) that makes your interior carpet heavier—providing more sound protection and heat insulation than the standard backing. It also makes the installation process easier and gives your vehicle a more luxurious look once completely installed.

It can be applied to any piece of your carpet set that is molded. However, it cannot be applied to die cut pieces (such as flat cargo and flat side panels) or “cut and sewn” style carpeting. It also cannot be applied to vinyl.

Around 1990, car manufacturers began to install mass backing as the standard backing. Therefore, late model car owners are encouraged to purchase the mass backing when replacing their car carpet if they wish to enjoy the same standards and level of comfort.

Since mass backing provides excellent sound and heat protection by itself, there’s no need to install additional sound deadening material prior to laying down your carpet, which can save you time and money. For customers looking for the ultimate in luxury and sound protection, we suggest purchasing the Essex carpet with the mass backing upgrade. Essex carpet is thicker and more plush than the standard cut pile, and provides an overall better look and feel to your vehicle’s interior.

Overall, mass backing creates a quieter, cooler, and more comfortable cabin for an all-around better driving experience. If you have additional questions about this upgrade, contact us today!